Friday, December 2, 2016

Back in full swing!

Well we are back in full swing after a great week off for Thanksgiving! The kids have settled right back in to our routine and have been having a great week! Today was Fabulous Friday. We celebrated two students who knew all 50 of their sight words. They were recognized at Fabulous Friday and received a certificate. Jayden and Karsynn, I am so proud of the hard work you have both done! Way to go girls!!!

We also are rocking along in Daily 5. The kids absolutely love their Daily 5 time and are very disappointed if our schedule is interrupted. They feel like they are having fun but for me, they are also learning while they have fun. That's a win-win situation in my book! While everyone else is doing their Daily 5, I have a small group at my table. Boy, they are becoming reading experts right before my eyes!!!

We did a few Christmas crafts today. We made a pattern and did a Christmas chain to hang from our ceiling. We also work on a stocking that we will hang up. The next two weeks will be full of Christmas activities and crafts. We can't wait to show you everything we are making.

I hope everyone enjoyed their week off last week. Thank you so much for studying sight words with your child and for reading with them each night. The work you and them are putting in is really showing here at school. They are excelling at everything they do and I couldn't be more proud of them! They were all very excited when I tested them today on their sight words. I'm sure they will share all of that with you when they get home. We had a couple more kiddos that knew all 50 words. I won't tell you here as I don't want to spoil their surprise! Keep up the GREAT work moms and dads and kiddos!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Turkey Kind of Day

YAY!!! Our first blog post!!! I think I finally have all the slips back from parents on the blog. I have quite a few pics that I want to share with everyone from past things we have done. I will get those posted this next week when we are off for Thanksgiving break.

So for our first post, I wanted to share what we did today in class. It was time to make our Thankful Turkeys. The kids had so much fun making these. What I love the most about them is ebery turkey is COMPLETELY different!!! That's one of the best things about kindergarten art work!!! Here are some pics of us working on the turkeys and on the finished products.

I went around and asked each child what they were thankful for and wrote it on the board so that they could put it on their turkey. Their answers were GREAT!!!

I think everyone did an awesome job and their turkeys came out so cute. They will bring these home after the Thanksgiving break, once we have made a Christmas craft to hang in its place.

Ok that's all for now. It's exciting to have our very first post on our blog. I hope everyone enjoys this opportunity to get peaks into our days in the classroom! Until next time..............